Walking the Coast to Coast – Remember You’re On Holiday!

Me n DH have interesting conversations when we’re out for a walk – we chunter on about this and that as you do.  Usually, we talk about the coming weekend and what we’ll do.

My conversation is dull – it’s about ironing and catching up with housework.  That comes from being in a full time job.  For most people reading this, I’ll be preaching to the converted.

“I hear ya sister – ironing, dusting, polishing, hoovering, cleaning….alcohol”

Well I’m part-time now and our conversation changed tack when that happened.  We’d have more time on our hands and soon he would go part time and we could get out walking more often.  So he told me about a mate cycling the Coast to Coast and I said, “Why don’t we walk it.”  I then went on line (I do that – I go into research overdrive if I have an idea) and discovered that thousands of people from all over the world have done the Coast to Coast following in Wainwright’s footsteps.

So we started planning and here we are, 3rd August, 2016 at the travel stage – we’ll be catching the train from Newcastle to St Bees at lunchtime and start walking tomorrow.

It occurs to me now that we’re also going on holiday.  We’ve just packed our cases and realise that we’re glad we’re not carrying the whole kit and kaboodle in a rucksack.  We’re cheating and using a company called C2CPackhorse to move our luggage on from B&B to B&B and town to town.

My suitcase is not stuffed with ‘night time attire’ like nice high heels and lovely dresses etc.  I’ve done all that in Spain, Mexico and Las Vegas.  My case is full of walking gear, plasters, Voltarol, Ibuprofen and Cadbury’s Brunch bars.  I look in my case and it doesn’t feel like I’m going on holiday.  I feel like I’m preparing for a challenge – 190 miles in 12 days BUT I stop myself and remember I’m also going on holiday.  I don’t plan to make this journey a trek from West to East.  I want to enjoy the experience not endure it.

So folks if you’re reading this because you’re planning on walking to coast to coast – keep that in mind – it’s there to be enjoyed, the Lakes, the Dales, the Moors.  They aren’t nameless stretches on an endurance course.

Remember us walkers say “Hello” as we pass one another by – enjoy that process too.  And chill out for the walk.  I can’t read a compass very well and DH has taken over the navigational duties but we’re well prepared with good maps and Henry Stedman’s Coast to Coast book which has paths drawn in it and also really easy navigational instructions.

Be well prepared but keep in mind that you’ve chosen to do this for the challenge and the pleasure of getting to Robin Hood’s Bay as your final holiday destination